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Mound of Venus Selfies

Mound of Venus is also called the mons pubis. It is the raised pubis area of every woman. It was called the Mound of Venus because Venus was the goddess of love of the ancient world. The ancients raised monuments to her on raised areas of land in order to emulate the pubic area of…

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Hot Mom Selfies

They are called cougars and are proud of their body. See for yourself in these selfies and self-shot. I Like It6 Nah Please rate this Girl Rate this Girl

projap 768x1024 - Perfect Japanese Ass
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Perfect Japanese Ass

This is ProJap from Japan, she is a redditor taking selfie of herself. If there is a perfect ass there is today, this is definite the ONE!! For me this is the perfect japanese ass ever! I Like It1 Nah Please rate this Girl Rate this Girl

asian1 1024x819 - Asian Cleavage - Diane Sung
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Asian Cleavage – Diane Sung

This is Diane Sung, shes an Instagram Star and making selfie to a whole new level. Appreciate this Asian chick selfie! So yum, so good!! I Like It Nah1 Please rate this Girl Rate this Girl

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